The why behind Groove

A letter from our founder & CEO

My small business was using Email to keep up with support emails, and we were struggling. Email is built for communication, not collaboration. With four employees trying to use the same support email inbox, our team’s work was a huge burden to track. A ton of stuff was slipping through the cracks.

Our customers weren’t happy, and neither were we. So I looked for a better solution. Unfortunately, what I found was that the help desk software on the market was way more than our small business needed. Packed with features that I’d never use, the help desks I tried were all cluttered and overwhelming.

That’s why I started Groove.

Groove is the Shared Inbox for small businesses looking for an alternative to Email. Organize all your support emails in one place, route them to the right people, and get more work done as a team.

No clutter. No complexity. No extra features to confuse and overwhelm you. I’m proud to say that Groove is the product that I wish existed back when I was looking for the perfect small business support software. And I’m also proud that our 2,000+ customers agree.

Whether you’re ready to move on from email, or you’re fed up with complicated help desk software, I hope you’ll give Groove a try. I’m confident that you’ll love it.

And if, for any reason, you don’t think that Groove is the best way for your small business to handle customer support — if it doesn’t make your team more productive and your customers happier — then you won’t pay a penny.

Give it a shot, and email me at to let me know what you think.

CEO, Groove

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Remote from the start

When remote wasn’t a thing, it was our thing. 10 years strong, in 30 different countries, we’ve been able to build up a SaaS company to over $10MM in annual recurring revenue. From the beaches to the mountains to the desert, our autonomous company culture allows for us to thrive.

Groove remote team

Self-funded, profitable and proud.

Our core values that we live and breathe everyday.

  • Own Your S**t

    We take accountability, we get it done, we own mistakes. We’re trustworthy.

  • Be Real

    We don’t bullsh*t or sugarcoat, always respectfully. We give and accept feedback.

  • No waste

    We work with intention: measure twice, cut once.

  • Relentlessly Value Driven

    We only work on stuff that adds significant value to the customer or the company.

  • always be helpful
    Always be helpful

    We’re a fun loving, diverse bunch of weirdos :-) We surround ourselves with people who inspire us and are great to work with.